Is Acrylic Painting Easy?

Acrylics are great for beginners. They are fairly easy to use, dry quickly and are cheaper to buy than oils or watercolours.

If you are a beginner in acrylics, I highly recommend to try out acrylics and find out for yourself!

Here is an absolutely beginner friendly class for you to try out:

(This is one of my acrylic painting classes on Skillshare, and you can sign up using this link and get the first 30 days free!)

After having taught 10,000+ students in physical workshops, I’ve gained significant understanding that a complete novice in hands on painting can also create a beautiful artwork by adding a few strokes with the help of proper guidance!

And in this class How To Paint An Easy Landscape | Acrylic Painting For Beginners I’ll guide you step by step to create this beautiful panoramic landscape!

So give it a shot and let me know if you found it easy!

You can post your final outcome under the class project!

I’ll be waiting to see your painting 🙂






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