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“I was not meant for the 9 – 5 drill! So I broke free from the cubicle life, and built a creative life for myself.”

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“An extraordinary course! The class is brilliantly done and so so valuable! Five stars is definitely not enough for teaching others a life quality enhancing skill this well! Wonderful teaching manner, confidence building tuition, thorough, structured, full to the brim with value. It has set me forth on a fascinating journey. Thank you! Even if you are a total novice like me who doesn’t even know how to hold the brush in a way that gives the best control, this will get you started properly!”

Darek Reng

“Loved this lesson! Ms. Dey did a great job explaining the techniques and what was happening between layers. It is so helpful when instruction videos share knowledge to why or how a technique works so that the knowledge can be translated into other painting journeys.”

Mattea Felictia

“Can’t tell you just how much I have enjoyed this class! The sheer joy of just creating without thinking about perfection or outcome! And the colour combinations are so happy, bright and warm! I ended up learning so much from the colour mixing class! I didn’t even know about imperial style art until this class.”

— Nidhi Soni


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